Stephen Hill

Transparent Stephen Hill high res

I have been producing fine guitars since 1985, following a short apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. I ‘discovered’ Flamenco music and studied guitar with Paco Pena, Juan Serrano, El Carbonaro and others in Spain, after building my first flamenco guitar in 1988. During this time I spent many hours in the workshops of Manuel Reyes (Cordoba), Antonio Marin Montero (Granada) and other legends of the guitar making world. Following closely in the Spanish tradition, I have learnt my vocation through hard work and isolation, travel and contemplation, developing my sound and style to what it is today.

From 1998, I began to spend more and more time in Spain while running a thriving workshop in Lewes, England. Until, in 2004, I moved my workbench to my current location in La Herradura by the coast in Granada province, Andalucia, the spiritual home of Andres Segovia. La Herradura is home of the Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition.

I now work here in a large and spacious workshop, making orders to my clients’ specifications. My output is around 12 master grade 1a guitars per year, and around 6 Hill 2a models.  I also teach the art of guitar making for 2 months of the year to students from all over the world being the director of the European Institute of guitar making based in La Herradura, Granada.

I also do high quality restoration work and have worked on some of the finest guitars in the world including Antonio de Torres, Hauser, Fleta, Manuel Reyes, Ramirez, Fabricatore and countless others. This has also given me the opportunity to examine and appraise these historic guitars, adding to my experience and knowledge.

I believe a great guitar comes from a fusion of elements: dedication, focus, inspiration and an affinity with the player. To this end I like to dialogue with my clients to create the guitar that lies in both our hearts and minds.

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